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Alpha Calls/Leaderboards

Allow your members to make calls for an NFT collection, and track its performance along the call, gaining reputation points,they can add/remove to their positions and other members can follow the call
Currently works with MagicEden Only.
Tracking an alpha call's performance
Type /alpha to bring up the list of commands, you can find the user guide for each below 👇
✍ Register Caller
🎯 Call
🔧 Resend Call
🏆 Leaderboards (WIP)
In order to be able to send alpha calls, you must first be registered as an Alpha Caller in that guild, only registered admins can do this with /alpha register
Adding alpha caller
Click Enter⏎ and the member will be registered
Alpha caller added
Type /alpha call to create a new call
Adding alpha call


  • Channel: the channel you want to send the call in (You can send to additional channels later with /alpha resend)
  • Keyword: any part of the collection's name.
  • Title: (Optional) title for your alpha call.
  • Note: (Optional) note to include with the alpha call.
  • Exchange: (Optional) choice of exchange to track (Currently only MagicEden supported)
Click Enter ⏎ and then the bot will prompt you for the collection to use:
Choosing a collection
After you've filled the above, the bot will query the exchange for the collection's data and then a confirmation message will be shown.
Alpha Call Confirmation
Click Yes and the message will be sent in the specified channel
Alpha Call Message
If you have any subscribers, the following message will be sent to them as well via DM
Subscriber Notification
They can click the word Here! to jump directly to the message.
If you deleted the Alpha Call message by mistake, Or you want to send the call to another channel as well, you can resend it using the /alpha resend command
Resend command
Press Enter⏎ and you will get a list of your previous calls (
24 ones that are still active, due to discord limitation)
Selecting message to resend
Select the message from the list and it will be resent to the channel you selected.
You'll accumulate score based on your call's performance and you will be able to compete within your guild and across all guilds NiftyBOT's in.