Bids & Sales

1. Go to the message box in Discord

Step 1 screenshot

2. Type /notifications subscribe

Step 2 screenshot

3. select /notifications subscribe

Step 3 screenshot

4. Paste your wallet address into the "wallet" text box

Step 4 screenshot

5. Click on bids​…

Step 5 screenshot

6. Click on "Bids"

Select "True" if you want to receive new OFFERS made on your NFTs, "False" if not.

7. Click on sales​…

Step 7 screenshot

8. Select "True" if you want to receive new SALES for your NFTs, "False" if not.

Step 8 screenshot

9. You're done! Add more wallets if you want to :) MAKE SURE YOUR DMs are open.

Step 9 screenshot

10. You will start getting your sales and bids in your DMs as soon as they happen! Never miss an offer again.

Step 10 screenshot