MultiSig Wallets

Discord-Integrated Solana wallets with whitelisting, granular permissions and Two-Factor authentication
NiftyPAY MultiSig wallets are Discord Integrated wallets that are stored within NiftyBOT:
  • 🌌 Cross-Server: A multisig wallet can be used for multiple guilds at once.
  • 📝 MultiSig: Any transactions using these wallets will need to be ✍signed by multiple parties.
  • AuditLog: Any transactions or setting changes are logged in the bot and can be traced back.
  • 💬 Custodial: The wallets can only be accessed using the bot.
  • 🔐 Secure: The wallets are stored securely in NiftyBOT and are encrypted, They can't be used by anyone outside NiftyBOT even if the database was leaked.
You can use these wallets to manage your DAO funds or simply have a shared wallet between you and someone else.


NiftyPAY Multisig wallets can be configured with a number of signers required for any transaction, No transaction can be made without the explicit sign of each member.

👥 MultiSig Approvals

Any transfer, withdrawal or settings change to the wallet needs to be approved by the minimum number of signers who have the manage permission.

🔐 Two-Factor Authentication

All members have the option to secure their account with a two-factor authentication code, even if your account is compromised, no signature happens without your two factor auth code.

⚖ Signer Permissions

Each signer in the multisig can be given granular control over the wallet's funds:
  • Send: Send funds from the wallet to another wallet.
  • Transfer: Transfer funds from one Multisig wallet to another under the same Guild.
  • Manage: Manage the wallet (Add and remove signers, Add whitelisted recipients)

✋ Thresholds

Each signer in the multisig can be given a specific threshold that they can initiate multisig for, you can set as many thresholds as needed for each kind of token, SOL/SPL supported.
If the signer is not authorized for the amount and type of token being transacted, they won't be eligible to sign.

📃 Whitelisted Recipients

If selected, transfers from the wallet can only be made to the addresses in this list, Adding or removing recipients will need to be ✍signed by the members in the multisig.