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As we have seen, in a bear market period, even the best projects can dip and see the floor price collapse even though they are building and developing more and more features that in the idea would bring "utility" to their holder. Unfortunately we see that this is not enough and that a contrario during this kind of period, it is the projects that have very strong and active communities on discord and twitter especially through the raid system.
That's why we have created a special platform that will operate more unofficially through a bot discord. Every day, holders will receive quests to complete in order to earn a part of the daily share revenue.
Let's not lie to ourselves, the majority of people who invest in projects (and especially projects that are built only through a short term hype), are there to make a profit (not only of course) and this is quite normal.
That's why we found a way to make the community active whether you are in bear or bull market and reward the best holders!

How does it work?

Raid2Earn Steps
  1. 1.
    You need to register a wallet first on @<bot>
How to do it? DM <@bot> and type ".register"
To receive DM from <@bot> make sure you allow direct message from server members.
2. You must be holding at least one of our collection and get a @Realm role
How to do it? Verify your wallet through 🔳-matrica-verify
3. Raid a tweet
You can raid every tweet that posted in #🚨ノraid2earn .
4. Post the proof
Post the proof in the respective message thread in the form of link.
5. You will receive your rewards daily
Notes :
a. If you didn't receive your tips or feel you didn't get enough compared to others or your raids, please open a 🎟tickets
b. Make sure your wallet is connected with <@bot> and you hold a MAD NFT as stated above.
c. Tips will be distributed daily. At 5 PM UTC your raid will be accumulated and the reward distributed at around 7 PM UTC. Raids made after 5 PM UTC will be accumulated and rewarded the next day.