NiftyPASS Whitelist Tool

This tool allows you to easily collect wallet addresses securely and easily be able to export them to an excel sheet, It can also be used to collect wallet addresses for whitelist collaborations or any other purpose.
You can collect SOL or ETH addresses and the bot will verify the addresses for validity before submission.


You can create any number of whitelists and each whitelist can have a different sets of criteria:
  • 🎭 Restrict wallet submission to certain roles.
    • Each role can have a cap on the number of wallet submissions.
    • You can allow people to submit only One address to a whitelist or allow certain roles to submit to multiple whitelists.
  • 🪩 Restrict wallet submission to certain channels.
  • 📆 Restrict wallet submission to a certain deadline.
You can also have a global cap that all the combined whitelists cannot exceed.


The bot will show a counter of how many people have whitelisted right on the panel


The bot can make announcements in chats when you hit a certain threshold of whitelist submissions.

Self Service

No need to busy your mods with managing wallet submissions, asking if they're whitelisted or not, or updating wallet addresses, each member can manage their submissions by themselves.
Using the bot, your members can:
  • 🤔 Check if they’re whitelisted.
  • ✍️ Update their wallet address at any time.


  • The whitelist panel can be customized with a logo/banner of your choice, each panel can have its own branding and can reflect your brand on the submission buttons.

Secure & Private

Your users will enter their info in the bot securely without announcing their wallets in the server, for privacy and security, this also protects your users from wallet scrapers and sniffers.


  • You can purge or delete whitelists at any time and undo your actions at any time.
  • You can allow certain users to manage whitelists.
  • You can export any whitelist or all whitelists to an Excel sheet that has the usernames, IDs, mentions, and wallet addresses.
This tool is included in all niftyBOT packages.

Available Commands:

Just type /whitelist and you will see all the available commands

Creating Whitelists

Type /whitelist create and you will see all the available options


  • Name: Set any name you like for the whitelist, for reference.
  • Cap: Set a global cap for this whitelist, all the participants inside this whitelist cannot exceed this number
  • Month/Day/Hour/Minute: Set a deadline for entering the whitelist, people cannot enter the whitelist after this.

Creating Whitelist Process

Just type /create or /whitelist create to start making your whitelist

View submission statistics

Type /stats or /whitelist stats to view a list of your whitelists and the number of submissions for each whitelist, as well as the total submissions.