Sales & Listings

Keep an eye on your collection's sales, Get the latest sale & listing data from the market, including the floor price and links to the transactions.
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Supported Exchanges

NiftyBOT offers the broadest support for NFT exchanges, including:
🏬 Exchange
💸 Sales
📃 Listings
OpenSea (SOL)

The most detailed notifications

The notifications card view
Listings will include the token Seller, Price in SOL/USD, Token Activity, Token Offers (If Any), Difference % from floor price.

User Guide

Add Collection
Remove Collection
Edit Collection
Manage Collections
Type /collections add to add a collection to your discord.
Adding a collection


Fill the parameters in the command as follows:
  • Name: Any part of the collection's name. (Case insensitive).
  • Exchange: The exchange of your collection.
  • Sales: Whether you want to enable sale notifications or not.
  • Listings: Whether you want to enable listing notifications or not.
  • Sales_Channel: Which channel do you want the sales to be sent in?
  • Listings_Channel: Which channel do you want the listings to be sent in?
After you've filled the above, you should have something like this
Filled command
Press Enter, nifty will query for the collection's name and give you back a list to choose from:
Selecting a collection
Select the collection you want to enable from the list, and that's it.
👏 You've enabled that collection for your server, You should get sales & listings in the specified channels in a few minutes.
Type /collections remove to remove a collection from your discord.
Removing a collection
Click Enter and the bot will show you a dropdown of your collections, select any and it will be removed.
Type /collections edit to change the settings of a collection, such as disabling sales/listings or changing the channels that the notifications are sent in.
Edit a collection
Press Enter and the bot will show you a dropdown of your server's collections, select any of them and the bot will overwrite the settings for that collection.
Type /collections manage to view your existing collections, you can see the settings for each one and edit them
Manage collections